Montvale Jr. Police Academy

The Montvale Police Department has asked us to teach the self-defense portion of their newly launched Jr. Police Academy; a youth program for 7th and 8th Graders in Montvale NJ.

We are honored to once again help our community as we empower young people with the concept that “no one can protect you as good as you can protect yourself”.

In about a one hour time period we will unleash their human potential and give them the tools they need of thinking smart, being bold and confident and making good decisions. It’s smart to introduce them to an intelligent curriculum of a sense of awareness of things that really hurt people such as one’s own diet, one’s own attitude and young impressionable minds being manipulated by others such as through commercial marketing or unhealthy peer pressure.

Of course we’ll teach kicking and punching and other physical defense techniques of the martial arts but I would be remised as a knowledgable and experienced self-defense educator if I neglected to prepare young people that we protect ourselves with our knowledge, our thinking, and our ability to make good decisions based on principles and our conscience rather than emotion, popular belief or ignorance.

Also, we are going to have lot’s of fun and lot’s of smiles.

This Photo is an evening of The Rutherford Jr. Police Academy visiting TheDOJO around the year 2003?

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Nothing to Teach You


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Nothing to Teach You

A student climbed a mountain to learn from a teacher who was sitting and meditating high up in the solitude. Upon approaching him before the student could speak the master said, “Go away for that I have nothing to teach you.” The student bowed politely and thanked the master, he realized he had just received a valuable lesson.

What is the Lesson?

Everything we seek we already have. The teacher doesn’t teach, they help us find it within ourselves. The best teachers unleash human potential. This presupposes there is a greatness inside us already and through the proper leadership the teacher affirms the students worth and potential so clearly that they eventually come to see it in themselves.

Remember the Wizard of Oz? The wizard did not give Dorthy, the scarecrow, the tin man and the lion what they were seeking ( a brain, courage, a heart, and the means to get home) they had it all along but it took the journey to discover it within themselves. Through our martial arts journey…greatness awaits.

Rutherford Special Needs Group visits TheDOJO for a Martial Arts Class!

2019 Rutherford Exceptional Individuals visits TheDOJO in Rutherford NJ with Sensei Dan Rominski

2019 Rutherford Exceptional Individuals visits TheDOJO in Rutherford NJ with Sensei Dan Rominski

A Smashing Success! Last Night The Rutherford Rec's Exceptional Individuals visited TheDOJO and they brought their smiles and trained like champions in our martial art class.

This has been an annual event for about a decade! Expect them to enter anything with boldness and heart warming smiles.

The students of TheDOJO from our teens and adult class played fun out in their leadership role and as the expertly inspired and taught the martial arts with the empathy and compassion of true leaders.

KIPP Center Senior Valentines Day Card Project

The Details
All students are invited…This Saturday February 9, 2019 from 10 am to 11 am we are performing a martial arts demonstration for the senior citizens at The KIPP Center located in the parking garage right behind TheDOJO on Kipp Ave in Rutherford.  Meet at TheDOJO by 9:30 am, we will rehearse and then walk across the parking lot to the KIPP Center for the event.  Adult Students - The Saturday Adult Class will take place afterwards at 11 am to 12 pm.

The Love
We will also be handing out Valentine’s Day Cards, which all the students this week will be making as a part of their karate classes.  All students, siblings and parents are invited to this event on Saturday.

The Experience
Last year we did this and it was amazing!  One senior citizen mentioned to me, “This will be the only Valentine’s Day card I get this year.”  Think about it, some senior citizens have spouses and friends who have passed away.  Aging can be lonely but not if you have 30 kids in karate uniforms hand you a Valentine’s Day card with their bright smiles and laughter.  

The Lesson within The Lesson
In a real village, people look out for one another through a strong sense of interdependence which is needed for everyone’s prosperity.  These days it’s easy to get caught up in our “busy bubbles” (I know I can), this is a chance for us to commune with the senior citizens of our community.  

This project sets a stunning example for our children to show respect, kindness and love to our elders.  In “parenting” we call this a teachable moment and teachable moments are always an opportunity for children to learn and experience life lessons which shape their character.  Childhood is the training ground for later on adult behavior and as a parent I constantly think of what I am teaching our children today which shapes who they are in the future.

The Idea
I’d like to thank Vanvian Hoo and the Conway Family for spearheading this projecting for the second year!  Thank you for your inspiring idea of connecting children with senior citizens to make a difference!

At TheDOJO we Unleash Human Potential through our Martial Arts Education of Intelligent Curriculum.  It takes a village to raise a child, we are honored to be a part of that village.

Thank you,

Sensei Dan Rominski

Carry Water & Chop Wood - The Secret to Achievement & Beyond

Carry Water & Chop Wood - The Secret to Achievement & Beyond

We taught a really great lesson this past week:

The Story

The Student walks up the mountain where he heard a very wise teacher who has reached enlightenment lives  because he wanted to learn from him the secret to achieve enlightenment.  

The student asks the teacher “how do I achieve enlightenment?” the wise teacher replies “carry water and chop wood” 

The student thinks for a moment and then asks the teacher a second question, “what comes after enlightenment”.  The Teacher replies “carry water and chop wood”

The Context 

In the old days one must engage in menial tasks for daily living such as carry water to the house from the river for cooking and cleaning because there was no running water in the homes. Also, to chop wood for cooking over a fire and for heating the home, menial work that was vital to survival and daily living.

The Lesson  

Sometimes people want to skip the process and get to the accomplishment, but it is the process that allows us to get to the accomplishment.  Once we accomplish it, we must keep doing “the process” to maintain the accomplishment otherwise, we loose it.  

Certainly this allows us to get to the higher levels once we get the fundamentals down for that you can only build as high as your foundation is strong enough to build upon and if the foundation crumbles the whole structure falls.  This is why we practice so earnestly to the level of black belt and why we keep practicing so earnestly (if not more) once we achieve black belt, so we don't loose what we built up.

We must never loose sight of the importance of the basics.

What are the essential basics for life?  What are some fundamental principles that allow us to advance and evolve to unleash our human potential?  Character Strengths such as trust, trustworthiness, respect, focus, discipline, perseverance, self-control, grit, curiosity, creativity might some of the basics that without them we may not achieve or sustain the achievement.  At TheDOJO in our martial arts education of intelligent curriculum this is exactly what we do at every class. 

Teaching Leadership to Children


Project Based Leadership Training is teaching people of all ages how to make a difference while developing their leadership, organizational and communication skills.

For Instance, one of our students Julia at Age 12, noticed that a local private elementary school, St Mary’s had no library. For her Project Based Leadership Training (PBLT) she organized a book drive at TheDOJO and received 1,000 books which were donated from our students and the community. These books through her leadership effort began the library at the St Mary’s Elementary School helping children in our community.

At TheDOJO, we unleash human potential and Julia not only went on to become an amazing black belt, belt also an amazing human being.