Nothing to Teach You


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Nothing to Teach You

A student climbed a mountain to learn from a teacher who was sitting and meditating high up in the solitude. Upon approaching him before the student could speak the master said, “Go away for that I have nothing to teach you.” The student bowed politely and thanked the master, he realized he had just received a valuable lesson.

What is the Lesson?

Everything we seek we already have. The teacher doesn’t teach, they help us find it within ourselves. The best teachers unleash human potential. This presupposes there is a greatness inside us already and through the proper leadership the teacher affirms the students worth and potential so clearly that they eventually come to see it in themselves.

Remember the Wizard of Oz? The wizard did not give Dorthy, the scarecrow, the tin man and the lion what they were seeking ( a brain, courage, a heart, and the means to get home) they had it all along but it took the journey to discover it within themselves. Through our martial arts journey…greatness awaits.