2013 Hit The Ground Running...

It’s 2013, Let’s hit the ground running…

When is your black belt test?  Students who have studied the martial arts with me for some time know that the answer to this question is…TODAY!

HOW 2013 at TheDOJO will change your life
Typically one would think that their black belt test would be years from now, sometime in the distant future. Think about it though, what we choose to do today makes us who we are tomorrow. 

We Make It Happen
How we focus, discipline ourselves & overcome adversity will set us up for failure or success.  How we interact with others in relationships, How we forgive, How we listen with empathy, How we be the change we wish to see in the world is all a part of our test, today.  For instance what if for your black belt test (which is today right?) I looked on the floor of your car, garbage can at work or school back pack?  Would I find junk food & fast food wrappers or tofu & an apple?  What if for your black belt test I brought your parents, school teacher or spouse onto the training floor and asked, “So how is this candidate’s empathy, behavior & attitude?”  What would their response be?  The real question is what would you want their response to be then let’s begin right now with that end in mind today, and start working towards that goal.  When it come to our future we can either let it happen or make it happen.

Black Belts Evolve as Human Beings
So a black belt test shouldn’t be a 2.5 hour event years from now it should be a way of life & what we do right now, today, that will either bring us closer to our goal or further away.  Right now it’s how we think, forgive, respect, eat, exercise & persevere.  It’s how we evolve as a human being beyond just punches & kicks.  It’s showing up for your test years from now in the best shape of your life because of the smart choices you made at every snack & meal…TODAY! 

Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain
If you want instant gratification download an app but if you want sustainable life changes in a very positive direction it takes commitment, patience & time.  It’s how we fall down seven times but get up eight times.  It’s doing what is necessary & difficult not just what’s fun & easy.  We don’t just learn it in class we live it.  We take these black belt qualities of focus discipline confidence & grit out of TheDOJO & Into the world.

We Take Consistent Action
It’s time to hit the ground running & with a new year comes new opportunities.  That’s my role as sensei is to lead & inspire.  When the student is ready the teacher appears.  To achieve goals you never achieved before you have to do things you have never done before, easy to say hard to do but that is what makes us black belts, we “welcome the task that makes us go beyond ourselves. 

TheDOJO is re-open see you in class, let’s hit the ground running! 

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