Good start good finish.

The Law of cause & effect simply states that we are where we are because we have done what we have done.  For instance when we pick up one end of the stick we pick up the other.  For every action there is a natural consequence & behind every action is our freedom to choose.  Good choices lead to good consequences & bad choices lead to bad consequences.  Today my practice is to exercise my freedom to choose.  To put into practice taking action on the things which are most important & putting down the things which matter least.  At sunrise a run,  after that reading inspiring literature & so the day continues taking action on my highest priorities.  At the end of the day these good choices will inevitably lead to good consequences physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually & I can rest myself in peace. Character strength takes responsibility that nothing else & no one else is to blame where we end up.  Sure some days I blow it but today is today.