The Power Of Action

It’s called the Monday meeting…

"We are what we repeatedly do, excellence than is not an act but a habit"  -Aristotle

Each Monday I have all of my students
line up outside the door of TheDOJO

One by one they come into my office sit down
and we evaluate their progress. We make suggestions.
We check to see if we are on course or off course for
the student to get to black belt & to achieve
the goals they (or their parents) want to achieve
through studying the martial arts with us.

Actually it works a little bit different…
you see in a perfect world that is what I would do.
Since I can’t sit down with each student each Monday morning
I grab the Attendance Cards & look.

The Attendance Card tells me a great deal.

If a student hasn’t tested in a month, year or decade,
or if their attendance is sporadic, inconsistent or is zilch

All of these things are red flags signaling something
is wrong and needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY otherwise
it is reasonable to assume the next thing will be
frustration, lack of motivation, dropping out,
a poor performance at testing, missing testing altogether,
a feeling of failure, lack of confidence, self-doubt even shame,
all of which lead one AWAY from the goals
they set out to achieve upon enrolling at TheDOJO.

This doesn’t unleash one’s human potential, it squashes it.

"The teacher can only point the way, the student must walk the path" -Unknown

What I expect, need and ask is for each student to come to class
regularly, home practice, make up missed lessons & train at a level 10.

The simplicity of regularly doing what I mentioned above is the
very thing it takes to succeed at earning a black belt or anything else in life.

Taking regular & consistent action is certainly one of the crucial keys in attaining goals.

It has been my observation that when regular & consistent action is taken
by a student progress occurs.  One discovers what works & what doesn’t.
Momentum takes hold in a POSITIVE direction.  One feels accomplished. 
Confidence is built by making AND keeping a promise to ones self.
Focus, discipline & perseverance transcend as mere words &
are put into action, they become real when they are practiced.

"Fall down seven times get up eight times" -Zen

We are all going to mess up, when we fall it’s that getting up part
that makes a failure or a champion.  This time of year schedules get
a bit crazy or getting used to.  That’s life.  When we get off track, no blame no shame,
Just start from wherever we are at and get back to it.  Have compassion for yourself
& be in the present moment.  Don’t compare where you are now to where you were
before dropping the ball.  Become aware of how good you are doing in the present moment
rather than living in the past.  Also know what will help (or hurt) you achieving
your long term goals. 

Know the difference between what would be nice to do & what needs to be done.

"The unexamined life is not worth living" -Socrates

Evolve.  We study the martial arts to improve
ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually.
To improve ourselves we must have an awareness of where we are at,
where we need to go & hold ourselves accountable to get there.
Whether it’s working on our eating, exercising 3 times a week, getting better grades,
it all starts with taking regular & consistent action.

If you need anything, just ask we are here to serve.

We offer
Free Make Up lessons,
Free Private Lessons,
Free Get Ahead Classes
We are committed to your progress.

Call me anytime.  (201) 933-3050

Sensei Dan Rominski