White Belt

Level 1 Curriculum - The Basics

Anger Management 

How to Take The Cool Down of 10 deep breathes or counts

Self Defense Stance

Teaching Verbal Boundaries & Non-Violent Conflict Resolution.

Assertive Communication & Body Language

Physical Skills


Slide Step


Four Corner Blocking 

Striking Techniques

Two Palms & Two Elbow Strikes

Kicking Techniques

  • The Knee Kick

  • The Front Kick

 Motivational Education

The 100 Time Theory (Commitment & Persistence)

Try something 100 times before giving up on anything

The Positive Mental Attitude

  • You can always do better than you think you can

  • How to Fold your Uniform

  • How to address Instructors & Seniors

  • How to Prepare for Testing

    The How & When of Testing

White Belt with Stripes

Level 2 Curriculum - Partner Training

 Demonstrated Individually & with a Partner


Slide Step & Step (Forward & Back) 


  • Four Corner Blocking w/Counter Punch 

  • Performed individually & with a partner stationary & circling


  • Rear Leg & Slide Up Front Kick

  • Rear Leg & Slide Step Side Kick

  • Rear Leg & Slide Step Roundhouse Kick

  • Spinning Back Kick

 The Ground

Holding the Mount Holding the Guard & Holding Side Control then performed in Combination

 Focus Mitts

  • Combo #1 Jab, cross, hook, cross, bob & weave, 2 blocks, give 2 body shots & round kick

  • Combo #2 Double punch, round kick, round kick, step up side kick double punch

 Motivational Education

Independent Training

Putting out maximum energy without supervision

You Teach Yourself

When you pay attention to the results you get as you practice

 How to Set & Accomplish Goals…The Black Belt Success System

  • Know What You Want!

  • Have A Plan, And A Success Coach!

  • Take Consistent Action!

  • Review Your Progress, And Renew your Goals!

Student Checklist

  • Reviewing your past Curriculum?

  • Know the Date of your Next Test?

  • Practicing a Minimum of Ten Minutes a Day?

  • Know What’s coming up in the next Level?

  • How to make-up missed Classes?

Purple Belt

Level 3 Curriculum - Pad Work

 Pad Work

  • The Art of Holding The Focus Mitts, Thai Pads, Paddle & Shield

  • Pad Line Drills Punching & Kicking, Working a Partner on the Pads

  • Know How to train on the Heavy Bag, Thai Heavy Bag, Slip Bag, Double End Bag, Speed Bag, Reflex Bag & Uppercut Bag 

 How to Train

  • Form comes first then comes speed & power

  • The Concept of Quality vs. Quantity Practice How rather than What

 The Four Qualities of Mental Focus (Memorized)

1. Rate Yourself on a Scale from 1-10

2. The Concept of Healthy Competition

3. Where Am I?  What Am I Doing & Is It Real?

4. What Am I Learning & Am I Getting Any Better?

 Student Check List

  • Qualify For the The Black Belt Club (The Ultimate Black Belt Test)

  • Have Proper Attendance-Make-Up any Missed Classes

  • Set the Goal to Earn your Black Belt

Gold Belt

Level 4 Curriculum - Sparring

 How to Spar With the Right Attitude & Control

  • Multi Management of the Body & Mind

  •  Required Equipment Needed By Students

  • The Sparring Package of Protective Sparring Gear & Gear Bag

 The 7 Rules Of Good Sportsmanship

1. Remember it’s a game-it’s not real

2. Never turn your back on your opponent

3. Don’t angry, Communicate

4. Talk positively to yourself

5. Know & observe the rules

6. Smile before and afterwards

7. Always give a Sincere “Thank You” at the end of a game

Additional Education & Sparring Drills

  • Distance-The Safety Zone, The Fighting Zone & The Dummy Zone

  • Closing the Gap-Jab or Back fist your way in!

  • Footwork-Slide Step & Step Drill

  • Defense & Counterattack-4 corner blocking w/counter punch

  • Fakes– Low to High & High to Low punches & Kicks, Trap & Punch, & other Fakes

  • The Cover Up Drill

  • Junior Sparring Light, Medium, Hard & Slow, Medium, Fast

  • One Up & One Down Sparring

  • Sparring Gear on/off drill under 3 minutes

 The 5 Fighting Combinations

1. Double Punch Front Kick Double Punch & Jab Slide Step Front Kick Double Punch

2. Backfist Side Kick Double Punch

3. Double Punch Round Kick Double Punch & Jab Slide Step Round Kick Double Punch

4. Back Fist Spin Back Kick Double Punch

5. Back Fist Step Behind Hook Kick Double Punch & Backfist Spin Hook Kick Double Punch

 Motivational Education

 The Two Qualities of a Champion

Pay Attention to Details & Follow Through


Repetition is The Mother of Skill 

Orange Belt

Level 5 Curriculum Goju Ryu & Shorin Ryu Karate Kata

Muden Kihon Kata Modern Basic Forms

Supplemental Forms

  • All Ranks-Kihon Kata Shodan/Nidan/Sandan Basic Kata number 1, 2 & 3

  • All Ranks-Fukyu Kata Universal Kata

Required Forms

  • Gekisai Dai Ichi To Search & Destroy Form # 1

  • Gekisai Dai Ichi Bunkai Kumite

The 15 Basic Techniques - Jugo Kihon Waza

Blocking Techniques - Uke Waza

  1. High Block Jodan Age Uke

  2. Middle Block Chudan Yoko (Uchi) Uke

  3. Cross Block Chudan Soto Uke

  4. Down Block Gedan Barai & Reverse Down Block Nagashi Uke

  5. Double Block Morote Uke (Chu-Ge) Uke

Striking Techniques - Tsuki Waza

  1. Vertical/Horizontal Punch Tate/Seiken Tsuki

  2. Double Punch Nihon Tsuki

  3. Back Fist Punch Uraken Uchi

  4. Upper Cut Punch Age Tsuki

  5. Flail Punch Furi Uchi

Kicking Techniques - Geri Waza

  1. Knee Kick Hiza Geri

  2. Instep Kick Kin Geri

  3. Knee Joint Stomp Kick Kensetsu Geri

  4. Back Kick Ushiro Geri

  5. Front Kick Mae Geri

 Blue Belt 

Level 6 Adult Curriculum - Judo & Gekisai Dai Ni Kata

 Required Equipment - Judo Gi (Judo Uniform)

 Rolls & Breakfalls

  • Forward Roll

  • Backward Roll

  • Front Breakfall

  • Back Breakfall

  • Side Breakfall

  • Dive Roll


  • TheStandup

  • Keep Away 1, 2 & 3

  • Guard To Mount The Knee Push & Guard To Mount The Scissors Cut

  • Sambo Guard/Beach Ball Front, Side &Back

  • Bridging & Bumping

  • The Shrimp Crawl & Under Hook

 Ne Waza Ground Grappling

The Basic Ground Grappling Cycle

The Mount-Escape the Mount w/ Arm Trap or Knuckle Press, The Guard-Escape the Guard w/ Passing The Guard/Knee Split, Cross Body to Side Control & Back To The Mount. 


  • Level 1 Osoto-Gari, Kosoto Gari, Ouchi Gari & Kouchi Gari

  • Level 2 Tai Otoshi, O Goshi, Obi Otoshi, Koshi Guruma, Sukui Nage

  • Level 3 Hariai Goshi, Uchi Mata, Seoi Nage, Ippon Seoi Nage, Tomoe Nage, Kata Guruma, Yoko Otoshi

 The Straight Arm Lock Juji Gatame

Standing, Mount, Cross Body & Guard

 Entangled Arm Lock Ude Garame

Standing Mount Cross Body Hammer Lock & Straight Arm Bar Guard

 Shime Waza Choking Techniques

  • Hadaka Jime - To Strangle with the Arms

  • Juji Shime - The X-Choke

  • Mae Hadaka Jime - The Guillotine

  • - Knuckle Choke

  • Sankaku Jime The Triangle Choke

 Leg Locks

Achilles Hold, Toe Hold, Heel Hook, Knee Bar

 Additional Curriculum

 Gekisai Dai Ni To Search & Destroy From Number 2

15 Advanced Techniques - Jugo Okuden Waza

Block Techniques - Uke Waza

  1. Circle Block (Tora Guchi) Mawashi Uke

  2. Pulling Block (Kakie Uke) Hiki Uke

  3. Palm Block (Jodan/Gedan) Taisho Uke

  4. Knife Hand Block Shuto Uke

  5. Crane Hand Block Koken Uke

Striking Techniques - Uchi Waza

  1. Knife Hand Strike Shuto Uchi

  2. Palm Heel Strike Taisho Uchi

  3. Spear Hand Strike Nukite Tsuki

  4. Ridge Hand Strike Haito Uchi

  5. Tiger Claw Tora Uchi

 Kicking Techniques - Geri Waza

  1. Roundhouse Kick Mawashi Geri

  2. Side Kick Yoku Geri

  3. Crescent Kick Mika Tsuki Geri

  4. Spinning Back Kick Ushiro Geri

  5. Hook Kick Kakato Geri


Green Belt

Level 7 Curriculum - Self-Defense & Saifa Kata

Saifa Kata


Israeli Combat Techniques

Knife Defenses

  1. Overhead Stab Inside & Outside

  2. Stab/Slash from your upper Right to Left

  3. Stab/Slash from your Upper Left to Right

  4. Side to Side Lower Right or Left Upward

  5. Straight Stab

  6. Underhand Stab

  7. Knife Threat from Throat Outside

  8. Knife Threat Front Throat Inside

  9. Knife Threat to Throat Rear

 Gun Defenses

  1. Gun Threat Front High (Head)

  2. Gun Threat Front Low (Chest)

  3. Gun Threat Front Low Pointing Up Under Chin

  4. Gun Threat Side Head or Neck In Front of Ear

  5. Gun ThreatSide Head or Neck Behind Ear

  6. Gun Threat Side of Body in Front of Arm

  7. Gun Threat Side of Body Behind Arm

  8. Gun Threat Rear Touching Body or Head

  9. Gun Threat Rear Hostage

Long Gun Defenses

  1. Side

  2. Other Side

  3. Straight up

Club Defenses

Side Swing 

 Hand to Hand Defenses

  1. Hook Punch Single

  2. Hook Punch Double

  3. Attempted Push

  4. Straight Punch

  5. Full Nelson

  6. Head Lock

  7. Guillotine Choke

  8. Choke/Strangle From Front

  9. Choke/Strangle From Side

  10. Choke/Strangle From Rear

  11. Ground/Mount Escape to Strike

  12. Ground/Side Entry to Arm Lock

  13. Ground/Rear Choke

  14. The Stand Up & keep Aways

 Striking Techniques

Hammer Fist, Palms, Elbows, Punches, Knee, Groin Kick, Front Kick.

 Take Downs

Double Leg Take Down, Leg Sweep, Mount Striking, 


  • Striking Drill Put together with Stand Up

  • Roaming Drills with Club, Pad, Knife and Gun

Brown Belt 

Level 9 Curriculum - Advanced Sparring & Kata

The 5 Advanced Fighting Combinations

  1. Double Punch Front Kick Spinning Back Kick Double Punch 

  2. Jab Slide Step Front Kick Spinning Back Kick Double Punch

  3. Backfist Side Kick Spinning Back Kick Double Punch

  4. Double Punch Round Kick Spinning Back Kick Double Punch

  5. Jab Slide Step Round Kick Spinning Back Kick Double Punch

  6. Back Fist Spinning Back Kick to Back Kick Double Punch

  7. Back Fist Step Behind Hook Kick Round Kick Same Foot Double Punch

  8. Back Fist Step Behind Hook Kick Round Kick with the Other Foot Double Punch

  9. Backfist Spin Hook Kick to Round Kick with the Other Foot Double Punch


  • Jab Cross Hook & Upper Cut Combinations

  • Jab Cross Cover Up

  • Jab Cross Slip & Slip

  • Jab Cross Bob & Weave

 Boxing Blocking Drill

Cross Block Cover up Left & Right Protect High Left & Right Duck Slip & Slip

 Boxing Combo on The Focus Mitts

Jab Jab Cross Hook Weave Jab Cross Slip & Hit Slip & Hit cover low upper cut, cover high punch cover high punch

 Thai Pads Combinations

  1. Jab Cross, Round Kick, Knee Kick, Elbow

  2. Four Punches Round Kick Round Kick Switch Round Kick Three Knee/Switch Kicks Elbow

  3. Jab Cross Switch Front Kick Round Kick can add Push Front Kick

 Elbow Combinations

  1. Elbow Across & Across, Over the top Elbow, Elbow to Spin Elbow, Straight Down Elbow, Jump Elbow

  2. Jab Elbow Cross Punch Elbow Drill

    The Flying Knee Kick On Shields Heavy Bags or incorporate in Thai Pad Drills

Advanced Koryu Goju Ryu Kata





Brown Belt 1 Stripe

Level 10 Curriculum - Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu & Seiyunchin Kata

Seiyunchin Kata

Level 11 Curriculum Brown Belt 2 Stripes - Shisochin Kata

Shisochin Kata

Level 12 Curriculum Brown Belt 3 Stripes - Sanchin Kata

Black Belt 1st Degree Shodan

All Curriculum of Kyu Ranks

Black Belt 2nd Degree Nidan

Sansei Ryu Kata

Tensho Kata

Ashino Kata


Black Belt 3rd Degree Sandan

Sepai Kata

Black Belt 4th Degree Yondan

Kurunfa Kata

Black Belt  5th Degree Godan

Seisan Kata

Black Belt  5th Degree Godan

Suparunpei Kata

Godan & Above-Suparunpei (Pechurin) 108 Hands

Koryu Goju Ryu Kata Ancient Goju Ryu Kata

All Ranks-Sanchin Three Battles Sanchin Shime (Sanchin Testing)

Blue Belt-Saifa Kata To Smash & to Tear

Green Belt-Seiyunchin Kata To Grasp & to Pull

Brown Belt-Shisochin Kata 4 Directions

Nidan-Sanseru 36 Hands

Sandan-Sepai 18 hands

Yondan-Kururunfa Ancient Method

Godan-Seisan 13 hands

All Ranks-Tensho To Roll & flow from one form to another