Children's Curriculum

Ages 7 to 12 Years Old

White Belt

Level 1 Curriculum - The Basics

  • The Three Rules of Concentration  This teaches children HOW to Focus & Concentrate
  • The Attention Position Represents Self-Control & Concentration
  • The Polite Immediate Response Is Yes or No Sir & teaches communicating clearly immediately & with Confidence
  • The Bow Represents Respect which is treating others how you want to be treated
  • The Polite Greeting "Hello (Sir or Ma’m) How are your doing today? I’m fine how are you?  I’m fine thank you for asking." (With handshake)
  • Anger Management How to Take The Cool Down of 10 deep breathes or counts
  • Self Defense Stance Teaching Verbal Boundaries & Non-Violent Conflict Resolution.  Assertive Communication & Body Language

Physical Skills


  • Slide Step


  • Four Corner Blocking 

Striking Techniques 

  • Two Palms & Two Elbow Strikes

Kicking Techniques

  • The Knee Kick 
  • The Front Kick


Motivational Education

  • The Three Rules of Concentration Focus Your Eyes Focus Your Mind Focus Your Body!
  • The 100 Time Theory (Commitment & Persistence) Try something 100 times before giving up on anything
  • The Positive Mental Attitude You can always do better than you think you can
  • The Comfort Zone is the no-growth zone like a hole people tend to stay in, challenge yourself out of the comfort zone so you develop and grow


New Student Checklist

  • Where to put gym bags & shoes
  • How to fold your uniform
  • How to address instructors & seniors
  • How & when to yell
  • How to prepare for testing
  • The how & when of testing

White Belt 1 Stripe

Level 2 Curriculum - Partner Training 

Demonstrated Individually & with a Partner


  • Four Corner Blocking w/Counter Punch 
  • Performed individually & with a partner stationary & circling


  • Slide Step & Step (Forward & Back) 


  • Rear Leg & Slide Up Front Kick
  • Rear Leg & Slide Step Side Kick
  • Rear Leg & Slide Step Roundhouse Kick
  • Spinning Back Kick

The Ground

  • Holding the Mount Holding the Guard & Holding Side Control then performed in Combination
  • The Forward Roll & The Stand Up (Separate and together)

Focus Mitts

  • Combo #1 Jab, cross, hook, cross, bob & weave, 2 blocks, give 2 body shots & round kick
  • Combo #2 Double punch, round kick, round kick, step up side kick double punch

Motivational Education

  • Independent Training Putting out maximum energy without supervision
  • You Teach Yourself When you pay attention to the results you get as you practice
  • How to Set & Accomplish Goals…The Black Belt Success System Know What You Want! Have A Plan & a Success Coach! Take Consistent Action! Review Your Progress & Renew your Goals!

Student Checklist

  • Reviewing your past curriculum?
  • Know the date of your next test?
  • Have a home chores list?
  • Room clean at home?
  • Practicing a minimum of ten minutes a day?
  • Know what’s coming up in the next level?
  • How to make-up missed classes?

Purple Belt

Level 3 Curriculum - Pad Work Jump Kicks & Padded Weapons (Also a review of of Levels 1 & 2)

Pad Work

  • The Art of Holding the pads.  The Focus Mitts, Thai Pads, Paddle & Shield
  • Pad Line Drills Punching & Kicking, Working a Partner on the Pads
  • Know How to train on the Heavy Bag, Thai Heavy Bag, Slip Bag, Double End Bag, Speed Bag, Reflex Bag & Uppercut Bag 

Jump Kicks

  • Running Jump Front Kick
  • Running Jump Side Kick
  • Creative Kicking Combinations (5 Kick Combinations using known kicks, finishing with a double punch)

Padded Weapons

  • Basic Blocks
  • Basic Strikes

Public Speaking 101

  • The Student Creed (To be assigned individually in various forms)

How to Train

  • Form comes first then comes speed & power & then make it real
  • The Concept of Quality vs. Quantity Practice How rather than What

The Four Qualities of Mental Focus (Memorized)

  1. Rate Yourself on a Scale from 1-10
  2. The Concept of Healthy Competition
  3. Where Am I?  What Am I Doing & Is It Real?
  4. What Am I Learning & Am I Getting Any Better?

Student Check List

  • Qualify for advanced training in the The Black Belt Club (The Ultimate Black Belt Test)
  • Have proper attendance-make-up any missed classes
  • Show Black Belt qualities in martial arts class school & home
  • Set the goal to earn your Black Belt

Gold Belt

Level 4 Curriculum Sparring


How to Spar with the right attitude & control, multi management of the body & mind fitness & self-defense experience, Required Equipment of Protective Sparring Gear & Gear Bag

The 7 Rules Of Good Sportsmanship

  1. Remember it’s a game-it’s not real
  2. Never turn your back on your opponent
  3. Don’t angry, Communicate
  4. Talk positively to yourself
  5. Know & observe the rules
  6. Smile before and afterwards
  7. Always give a Sincere “Thank You” at the end of a game

Additional Education & Sparring Drills

  • Distance-The Safety Zone, The Fighting Zone & The Dummy Zone
  • Closing the Gap-Jab or Back fist your way in!
  • Footwork-Slide Step & Step Drill
  • Defense & Counterattack-4 corner blocking w/counter punch
  • Fakes– Low to High & High to Low punches & Kicks, Trap & Punch, & other Fakes
  • The Cover Up Drill
  • Junior Sparring Light, Medium, Hard & Slow, Medium, Fast
  • One Up & One Down Sparring
  • Sparring Gear on/off drill under 3 minutes

Physical Requirements

The 5 Fighting Combinations

  1. Double Punch Front Kick Double Punch & Jab Slide Step Front Kick Double Punch
  2. Backfist Side Kick Double Punch
  3. Double Punch Round Kick Double Punch & Jab Slide Step Round Kick Double Punch
  4. Back Fist Spin Back Kick Double Punch
  5. Back Fist Step Behind Hook Kick Double Punch & Backfist Spin Hook Kick Double Punch

Motivational Education

  • The Two Qualities of a Champion Pay Attention to Details & Follow Through
  • Repetition Repetition is The Mother of Skill 

Orange Belt

Level 5 - Karate & A Cultural Education of Japan & Okinawa through the Martial Arts

The 15 Basic Techniques - Jugo Kihon Waza

Blocking Techniques - Uke Waza

  1. High Block - Jodan Age Uke
  2. Middle Block - Chudan Yoko (Uchi) Uke
  3. Cross Block - Chudan Soto Uke
  4. Down Block - Gedan Barai & Reverse Down Block - Nagashi Uke
  5. Double Block - Morote (Chu-Ge) Uke

Striking Techniques - Tsuki Waza

  1. Vertical/Horizontal Punch - Tate/Seiken Tsuki
  2. Double Punch - Nihon Tsuki
  3. BackFist Punch - Uraken Uchi
  4. Upper Cut Punch - Age Tsuki
  5. Flail Punch - Furi Uchi

Kicking Techniques - Geri Waza

  1. Knee Kick - Hiza Geri & Front Kick - Mae Geri
  2. Side Kick - Yoko Geri
  3. Roundhouse Kick - Mawashi Geri
  4. Spinning Back Kick - Ushiro Geri
  5. Hook Kick - Kakato Geri

Forms - Kata

  • Gekisai Dai Ichi Kata
  • Gekisai Dai Ni Kata (Optional for Young Children) 
  • Reiho Proper Bowing from Standing & Sitting

Japanese Numbers - How to Count in Japanese

1 Ichi, 2 Ni, 3 San, 4 Shi, 5 Go, 6 Roku, 7 Shichi, 8 Hachi, 9 Kyu, 10 Ju

Japanese Terminology

  • Ohayogozaimasu - Good Morning
  • Konichi Wa - Good Afternoon
  • Konban Wa - Good Evening
  • Ogenki Desu Ka - How are you?
  • Genki Desu - I’m Well
  • Sayonara - Good Bye
  • Dozo - Please
  • Onegaishimasu - Please Teach Me
  • Arigatogozaimashita - Thank You
  • Doitashimashite - Your Welcome
  • Sumimasen - Excuse Me/I’m Sorry
  • Sensei - Teacher
  • Shomen Ni Rei or Shinzin Ni Rei - Bowing with the "Front" or the Ancestral Lineage
  • Sensei Ni Rei - All bow w/ Sensei
  • Sempai Ni Rei – All bow w/ Senior Student

Our Style of Martial Arts is called, Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karate-Do.  Which means Hard-Soft Style of the Empty (China) Hand. Can you point out the island of Okinawa on the map?

Blue Belt

Level 6 - Judo & Jujitsu

Rolls & Breakfalls

  • Forward Roll, Backward Roll, Front Breakfall, Back Breakfall, Side Breakfall & Dive Roll


  • The Standup
  • Keep Away 1, 2 & 3
  • Guard To Mount # 1 & Guard To Mount # 2
  • Sambo Guard/Beach Ball Front Side Back
  • Bridging & Bumping
  • The Shrimp Crawl
  • The Under Hook

Nage Waza - Throwing Techniques

  • Osoto Gari - Leg Sweep 
  • Tai Otoshi - Body Drop Throw 
  • Morote Nage - The Double Leg Take Down
  • Add on Kesa Gatami The Scarf Hold & Counter with The Roll Over

Ne Waza Ground Grappling

Ground Grappling Cycle - Basic 

  1. The Mount - Escaping the Mount Clap & Trap,
  2. The Guard - Passing The Guard, 
  3. Cross Body to Side Control - Back To The Mount  

Ground Grappling Cycle - Advanced 

  1. The Mount - Escaping the Mount The Push Off,
  2. The Guard - The Knee Split, 
  3. Cross Body to Side Control - Back To The Mount 

 Kensetsu Waza Joint Locking Techniques - Advanced

Juji Gatame The Straight Arm Lock

  • From Standing, Mount, Cross Body & Guard

Ude Garame Entangled Arm Lock

  • The Mount & Cross Body with Hammer Lock

Shime Waza Choking Techniques

  • Hadaka Jime Strangle with Arms, Juji Shime X-Choke, Mae Hadaka Jime The Guillotine, Knuckle Choke & Sankaku Jime The Triangle Choke

Leg Locks

  • Achilles Hold

Additional Curriculum

  • Various Techniques and Combinations

Green Belt

Level 7 - Self Defense

EZ Defense

First learning Non-Violent Conflict Resolution, Setting Verbal Boundaries, Assertive Communication, The Three Colors of Awareness, The Bubble, Stranger Lures

(Link to Blog post of the three colors to educate readers of this topic.)


Adrenal Stress Conditioning - Look Around Go For Help 

What to do When Lost

Self-Defense - Strikes Against Adults & Scenarios Dealing with Larger Opponents

Frontal Grab Attempt, Front Grab, Rear Grab, The Ground,

Eye Peck, Palm Strike, Knee Kick & Groin Kick, Slap Strike to The Groin Front & Back, Ear Clap

Self-Defense - 

  1. Hook Punch & Double Hook Punch
  2. Bear Hug Front & Bear Hug Back 
  3. Head Lock Front, Side and Back
  4. Choke Front & Choke Back
  5. Shoulder Grab
  6. Full Nelson

Brown Belt

Level 8 - Weapons - The Nunchaku

  • Required Equipment Needed by Students - The Padded Nunchaku 

Basic Blocks

  • 4 Corner Blocking

Basic Strikes

  • 4 Corner Striking
  • Front Strike
  • Figure 8

Partner Training

  • 4 Corner Blocking with Nunchaku

Additional Techniques

  • Catching Over the Shoulder
  • Catching Behind the Back
  • Catching Around the Head
  • Catching Under the Arm

Kata (Form)

Name of the Form: Nakazato No Nunchaku Shodan, Which means the first in a series of Nunchaku forms developed by Nakazato Sensei

Nunchaku History

The Nunchaku is a classical weapon of the Martial Arts.  It was originally used as a farming implement in the rice patty fields of Okinawa. In ancient times the government banned the possession & use of weapons by the working class, the farmers & fisherman. However, they needed to develop a means of protecting themselves from man & animals. The Okinawans were resourceful in their development of the self defense method they created. Utilizing their tools which they possessed on a daily basis they developed a martial art known today as Kobudo which means “Ancient Weapons Art”. The Nunchaku are one of many tools that were developed in this way.

Brown Belt 1 Stripe

Level 9 Curriculum - Advanced Sparring & Pad Work Drills

The 5 Basic Fighting Combinations (Gold Belt Curriculum)

  1. Double Punch Front Kick Double Punch & Jab Slide Step Front Kick Double Punch
  2. Back fist Side Kick Double Punch
  3. Double Punch Round Kick Double Punch & Jab Slide Step Round Kick Double Punch
  4. Back Fist Spin Back Kick Double Punch
  5. Back Fist Step Behind Hook Kick Double Punch & Backfist Spin Hook Kick Double Punch

The 5 Advanced Fighting Combinations

  1.  Double Punch Front Kick Spinning Back Kick Double Punch 
  2. Jab Slide Step Front Kick Spinning Back Kick Double Punch
  3. Back fist Side Kick Spinning Back Kick Double Punch
  4. Double Punch Round Kick Spinning Back Kick Double Punch
  5. Jab Slide Step Round Kick Spinning Back Kick Double Punch
  6. Back Fist Spinning Back Kick to Back Kick Double Punch
  7. Back Fist Step Behind Hook Kick Round Kick Same Foot Double Punch
  8. Back Fist Step Behind Hook Kick Round Kick with the Other Foot Double Punch
  9. Backfist Spin Hook Kick to Round Kick with the Other Foot Double Punch


  • Jab Cross Hook & Upper Cut Combinations
  • Jab Cross Cover Up
  • Jab Cross Slip & Slip
  • Jab Cross Bob & Weave

Boxing Blocking Drill

  • Cross Block Cover up Left & Right Protect High Left & Right Duck Slip & Slip

Boxing Combo on The Focus Mitts

Jab Jab Cross Hook Weave Jab Cross Slip & Hit Slip & Hit

Thai Pads Combinations

  1. Four Punches Round Kick Round Kick Switch Round Kick Three Knee/Switch Kicks Elbow
  2. Jab Cross Switch Front Kick Round Kick - can add Push Front Kick
  3. Elbow Across & Across Over the top Elbow Elbow to Spin Elbow Straight Down Elbow Jump Elbow
  4. Jab Elbow Cross Punch Elbow Drill
  5. The Flying Knee Kick On Shields Heavy Bags or incorporate in Thai Pad Drills

Brown Belt 2 Stripes

Level 10 Curriculum - Preparing for your Black Belt Test

  • Qualify for Advanced Black Belt Training
  • Get three typed and signed letters of recommendation from Teacher at school Parents & Yourself
    • Topic-”My Journey to Black Belt - What I’ve Learned.”
    • Include Who, What, Where, How, Why & When I have used the black belt attitude everyday to better myself in school, with my family and how I have developed my Character through the training I’ve received from TheDOJO. Ultimately what have you learned on your journey to Black Belt and what is your Epiphany?
    • Minimum 100 words.
  • Attend classes regularly and consistantly 3 to 5 times per week or as much as possible (2 times per week minimum)
  • Qualify for the Black Belt Test
  • Black Belt Tests are usually conducted once or twice a year
  • Complete The 6 Tasks
  • Complete the Green Project
  • Complete a PBLT– Project Based Leadership Training
  • Remit Black Belt Test Fee
  • Complete all of the above & submit before your test
  • Document your projects & journey with film, scrapbook, binder or a digital slideshow so the you may tell your story.

Brown Belt 3 Stripes

Black Belt Candidate Status - Await the upcoming Black Belt Test which is conducted several times per year.