Children's Curriculum - Ages 4 to 6

Focus Mitts

Basic Combinations

  • 2 Palm Strikes & 2 Knee Kicks
  • 2 Punches & 2 Front Kicks
  • 2 Back Fists & Side Kicks
  • 2 Hook Punches & 2 Round Kicks

Advanced Combinations

  • Two Straight Punches, 2 Hook Punches, 2 Uppercut Punches
  • Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut Punch
  • 4 Corner Blocking
  • 10 Punches

Fitness Element

Zig zag around Focus mitts or cones 6 or more


Basic Techniques


  • 2 Palm Heel Strikes
  • 2 Punches Jab Cross
  • 2 Back Fist Punches


  • 2 Knee Kicks
  • 2 Front Kicks
  • 2 Back Kicks

Basic Combinations

  • 2 Palm Stikes & 2 Knee Kicks
  • 2 Punches & 2 Front kicks
  • 2 Back Fists & 2 Back Kicks

Advanced Techniques

Slide Step Side Kick

Advanced Combinations

2 Punches, Front Kick, Round Kick, 3 Knee Kicks, Judo Throw Shield, Mount Shield, Elbow Strike Finish

Fitness Element

  • Jumping Over The Shields
  • Multiple Shield Jump
  • The Long Jump one shield positioned long ways
  • The High Jump Stacked Shields 1, 2 or three depending on size & ability of student

Paddle/X-Ray Paper

Basic Techniques Individually Performed

  • Axe Kick
  • Jab, Cross
  • Hook Punches
  • Upper cut Punches
  • Roundhouse Kick

Advanced Combinations

  • 1. Double Punch, RoundHouse Kick, Axe Kick, Double Punch
  • 2. Double Punch, RoundHouse Kick, Axe Kick, Double Punch, Spinning Round Kick, Double Punch, Jab, Cross, Hook Punch, Uppercut Punch

Thai Pads Combination

  • Double Punch
  • Double Punch to rond kick(s)
  • Knee Kicks
  • Elbow

Thai Pad Combination

Double Punch, Round Kick Round Kick, Switch Round Kick, Three Knee/Switch Kicks, Elbow

Fitness Element

Catch and pass drill - (This drill develops reflexes and focus) Toss one Thai Pad to student they catch and pass it back followed by a martial art technique such as double punch, kick or other skill 

Heavy Bag

Basic Combinations

  • 2 Palm Stikes & 2 Knee Kicks
  • 2 Punches & 2 Front kicks
  • 2 Back Fists & 2 Back Kicks

Basic Drills

  • Rope Drill 
  • Spin Rope Perform: 
  • Double Punch
  • Single Front Kick

Power Meter

Knock off glove from top of Bag using double punch palm heel or front kick & other various techniques

Advanced Combinations

  • Remove Padding Cover from Heavy Bag
  • Double Punch, Double Leg Take Down, Mount the Bag, Double Punch or Three Elbows

 Fitness and Coordination 

Various Drills performed during class to enhance the child's physical abilities of coordination, strength, and overall fitness.

Long Distance running (Laps around the room) - Builds Cardio Vascular Endurance (Stamina) & Perseverance 

Sprinting -Dashing across the room Improves Anaerobic Endurance and Persistence 

Backwards running - Develops Coordination and Muscle tone of the backward muscles Awareness Self-Control and Balance

Running and turning Develops listening skills and a sense of balance and self-control

Zig Zag Running through obstacles Students learn coordination agility and following directions

Jumping over the obstacles - Appropriate height for one's ability

Rope Drills - Hopping over ropes develops agility and concentration, focus and discipline