Our business hours are:  

Monday - Thursday  3 pm - 8:30 pm

Saturday 9 am - 12 pm 

Friday & Sunday we are closed

TheDOJO is located at:

52 Park Avenue Rutherford NJ 07070 USA




We are located in Rutherford on Park Avenue right next door to Dunkin' Donuts & across the street from The Williams Center.  We are a brief 2 minute walk up from The Rutherford Train Station making us easily accessible by both train & bus.  We are about a 20 minute train or bus ride from New York City.


Dan Rominski, Sensei 

Owner & Master Teacher Sensei Dan Rominski unleashes human potential at our martial art school TheDOJO in Rutherford NJ.  With nearly 30 years of expeirence in teaching & studying the martial arts his unique ability creates an environment comfortable for the novice & comprenhensive for the most advanced practitioner.    

Email SenseiDan@TheDOJO.org


Kim Christian, Owner (Wife) & Project Manager

As an Artist, Black Belt & Instructor to both children & adults Kim contributes widely to the various events & projects at TheDOJO.  She creates, participates & leads the design phases of what goes on around the school & how it serves our community.  

Email Kim@TheDOJO.org


Sensei Dan Rominski is a Martial Artist & Sensei at TheDOJO, his martial arts school in Rutherford NJ.  With over 28 years of experience he not only teaches the punches & kicks of the martial arts but he also teaches people of all ages how to manifest the qualities of the martial arts outside of the realm of a punch kick or throw & into their everyday life.  In other words out of TheDOJO & into the WORLD!  Through interesting projects & ideas he unleashes human potential by inspiring his students to "make a difference" not only by executing beautiful & proficient martial art techniques but by also executing beautiful & proficient ideas.  This is accomplished through the power of taking action.  

TheDOJO is "co-operated"  with Sensei Dan Rominski, his wife Kim Christian & a team of very dedicated individuals.