A Statement on Our Pricing and Tuition from our Owner & Cheif Instructor, Sensei Dan Rominski: 

Parents, rest assured, you are not applying to a martial arts school that engages in any unsavory business practices (We do NOT have: one-sided membership contracts, collection agencies, misleading policies, hidden costs, etc.; other martial art schools have these practices, we don't. We, of course, have to fund the school in a sensible and adequate way, but we do this with you in mind, first.  Established in 1975 we have for over 40 years proudly served our members & their families. 

We offer a variety of ways to be involved, we know (all too well) how expensive life can be today for parents, and we believe we have enough reasonable and sensible options to fit the budget of families who must pay attention to those kind of issues.  Our martial arts program however is not an expense, it's an investment in one's personal development.  Investing in one's health, character, persistent effort, focus, concentration, discipline, respect, fitness, & confidence...these qualities are invaluable.  

At first we wondered if we could afford it, the confidence Sensei Dan gave our child, we couldn’t afford NOT doing it!
— The Proud Parents of a 4 year old

In the end, our mission is to serve this community to the best of our ability. If you EVER find yourself in a place where your child (or any child) needs the kind of assistance we can provide —and money is an issue —contact me personally at SenseiDan@TheDOJO.org or call (201) 933-3050 , If there’s something that can be done, I will make it happen. 

Sensei Dan Rominski



We are in awe of how this school works with parents to create win-win situations. We have never been treated better, by any school, than we have at TheDOJO. What a breath of fresh air!”

We operate our school with elegant simplicity, so it's easy to be a member here.  Our schedule offers class options & programs for busy parents & students.  In fact, for 40 years our members have been successful in our program since we offer a flexible schedule which accommodates the most busy individual or family.  Parents who commute after work, adults in our classes who own their own business, children who juggle school, sports, activities & clubs have studied for years with us.  It's typical for a child to begin lessons with us at age 4 & continue with us all through high school (even returning after college).  To qualify in being a member at TheDOJO students are required to attend at a minimum only two lessons per week however, students may also attend unlimited lessons we offer at no extra cost if they choose.  We help parents & students stay on track with their lessons by helping them with their scheduling offering advice & creative ideas.  We offer make-up lessons for when classes are missed due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness, homework load, the big game, the big meeting or if you just had one of those days.  Get ahead classes are offered for upcoming excused absences such as vacations, exams or change in work plans.  Parents & adult students also find our variety of class times easy & simple to continue lessons with us well beyond their introductory course.  


I was a bit shocked at the difference in sales tactics between The Dojo and the two other martial arts schools we looked at before joining. One of the schools offered us a 1-year contract for more than a $1000, before we had even finished a one-week “introductory” program. Their tactics reminded me of a health club I had once joined. The other school had only one option for enrollment, that we were told we could “take or leave.” The Dojo gave us a number of choices, explained all the costs clearly and professionally, and perhaps most importantly, made us feel like we were being taken care of. They gave off a feeling of trustworthiness, which they have since proven.

Our official program involves minimum 2 lessons per week however members may attend unlimited classes if they choose to.  Parents & members can figure on budgeting about $47-$60 per week towards tuition (that's about $6.50 per day, (most people spend that much money on things that are bad for them Coffee, TV, etc.).  We also offer family discounts & many of our students are families who attend lessons together, our standard policy being a 10% discount on tuition for the 2nd family member & a 20% discount on tuition for the 3rd.  For more than three family members we have always customized the arrangements in ways that help households even with the most frugal budget.  At more advance training levels there is a nominal fee for training equipment that is used in classes such as protective sparring gear.

Cancellation Policy

We have a 30 day cancellation policy meaning that anyone can cancel membership at anytime, for any reason with no cancelation fee when they give us a thirty day notice.  We make it easy to do this.  This being said we do not have a start & stop program.  We produce graduates like any other school & to accomplish this for students to qualify for membership there does have to be a certain level of focus, discipline & commitment.  We do not accept members back who cancel after they enroll.  This is martial arts, there is a focus and discipline involved, there is respect for the art, teacher & student and the expectation & trust that someone will keep their word.  The best way to build confidence & raise one's self-esteem in children & adults is to make & keep a promise to oneself.  Constant and regular attendance, to make a commitment and see it through is the best way to build confidence in a child or adult for that matter.  Just think of how lousy someone feels when they say they are going to do something & than not do it such as eat healthy, exercise or stop smoking.  Making & keeping a promise to oneself builds self-esteem and we'll have no part in tearing down ones confidence because they didn't feel like going to class & enrolled only to quit when they realized it was work, no thank you.  We allow students to re-enroll after canceling after a serious discussion if trustworthiness can be re-established.  We also reserve the right to cancel anyones membership for any reason if we see it's not a right fit, or if they are not participating as required for membership.

Testing Fees…we don't have them

We have no "Test Fees" for advancements in rank of stripes & belts. Fees for stripes & belts leading up to black belt are typical for most martial art schools to have (We don't have them), especially for those schools who advertise their lower tuition rates. After a few years of lessons Black Belt Tests are a special event conducted once or twice a year, Black Belt Test Events are the only Testing/Event Fees.  Our test fee for 1st Degree Black Belt for the past 10 years has been $200.    


We are proud to state that some families who can not afford full tuition may qualify for scholarships.  We have been able to help families undergoing serious medical emergencies, single parent families & other unique situations.  We have also had families abuse this generosity through misrepresentation or other deceitful means which result in immediate termination of membership & permanent expulsion from our school.  Not all families who apply for scholarships will be approved.  If you would like to speak with me personally about your unique situation please contact Sensei Dan Rominski at (201) 933-3050.  I may also be reached by email at SenseiDan@TheDOJO.org


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The Dojo’s Membership Coordinator is Sensei Dan Rominski & who is also the Owner.  His direct phone number is (201) 933-3050.  His e-mail is SenseiDan@TheDOJO.org

Parents, please feel free to call me at any time to discuss all options, equipment requirements, and any and all pricing, tuition, and policy concerns.