I am not someone who typically writes reviews online but I had to take this opportunity to tell you about my experience with The Dojo. When my daughter was 4 years old, back in 2007, I called the school to inquire about a very short summer program for toddlers that was being offered at the time. I was on the phone for only a few minutes when I realized that I had stumbled upon a very special place. I expected it to simply be a business masquerading as a school, which would have been fine for a 2-3 week class for a 4 year old, but instead I had found a truly wonderful school that I continue to proudly and gratefully partner with to provide my daughter with a supplemental education that I believe is absolutely essential to her health, development and success.

Sensei Dan is a phenomenal martial artist. You should definitely speak to him about his experience and credentials. You could also watch him demonstrate his skill in the Adult Class or on YouTube. What you will see is uncommon excellence that speaks for itself. Someone more knowledgeable than me could elaborate more. I will simply say that I have no doubt that my daughter will become a very skilled and effective martial artist at this dojo. This is, by no means, my only reason for enrolling her in the school but, as a father, it is comforting to know that she is learning how to defend herself physically and how to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Most important to our family is how the curriculum at The Dojo so perfectly compliments what we are teaching at home and supplements what they are teaching in the school system. It is the character education that makes The Dojo indispensable for us. We have always tried to give our daughter good morals and manners, a sense of social awareness and responsibility, empathy, compassion, focus, discipline, perseverance and self confidence. These qualities of kindness and grit are, with out a doubt, the secret to a happy, meaningful and successful life. The traditional academic education that the school system provides is, of course, valuable but it does not generally develop these very important qualities and skills adequately. We thought that we would have to provide all of that crucial supplemental education on our own at home. Instead, we have incredible partners in Sensei Dan and Sempai Kim.

Our daughter is 11 now and she is already benefiting tremendously from this coordinated effort on her behalf. Sensei Dan teaches his students to be humble but I will take a little liberty to share some of our daughter’s achievements because I believe it is pertinent to this review and that The Dojo deserves its fair share of the credit. She is a Junior Black Belt who helps teach the toddlers now and who plans to be an Adult Black Belt before she graduates high school. She is an A+ student who gives her teachers attention and respect and who receives the attention and respect of her teachers in return. She receives awards for good citizenship in her schools. She confidently navigates the social circles that become more and more complex every year. She is physically fit and a healthy and responsible eater. She is fast and strong. She is a fearless stage performer. She is considerate and kind. We are so proud. We love her so much. We are very glad that we chose to enroll her in this dojo 7 years ago. We are excited for the future and confident that we are doing everything we can to help our daughter make her way in the world.

We highly and sincerely recommend Sensei Dan, Sempai Kim and The Dojo to you and your family.
— Ryan J.M. Parent of a Junior Black Belt at TheDOJO
A 5 Star Rated, Spontaneous and Unprompted Facebook review by a former student:

I studied at The Dojo while I started college at Felician. After moving back to central NJ I can honestly say I could not find any studio quite as wonderful or impactful as the one Sensei Dan has cultivated. I would recommend it to anyone.

My reply to her: I am honored, truly.

Her Reply: Only the truth! My experience with you set the bar and not one style or teacher has come close. I still carry my lessons you taught me and am thankful for the experience. Keep doing wonderful things! Example: TheDOJO Food Drive, Random acts of Kindness, Habitat Home Builds in Alabama etc.
— Britany B. Former Student of TheDOJO