Educating Children & Adults in the prevention

of Diabetes, Obesity, and Heart Disease.

Parents, CLICK HERE to download the PDF File of "5 A Day" Healthy Eating Chart for Children

Knowing that 1 out of 3 children will develop Type-2 Diabetes in the next ten years & the number one cause of death among adults in our nation is Heart Disease, we teach healthy eating, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle as a form of Self-Defense.

Type-2 Diabetes is 95% Preventable!

Type-2 Diabetes is 95% Preventable by eating more fruits and vegetables, exercising & not smoking (this is also a good start in the prevention of Heart Disease, the number one cause of death among adults)  If you have someone in your family with Diabetes you are more likely to develop the disease.  

Beginning my Martial Arts Training at age 10, I learned early on that eating well improved my performance in the martial arts and the better I performed in the martial arts, the more I wanted to continue eating well.  Over thirty years later that simple idea has probably saved my life; as a form of dietary self-defense I now educate others in our community how to keep fit.  

Since Diabetes & Heart Disease run in my family I made exercise and mindful eating practices a life-style which I now pass on to our children.  We take tremendous pride that at TheDOJO we have created a unique environment of like minded individuals and families who share the value of a healthy life-style.  Everyone approaches their healthy life-style in their own way, which is sensible & right for them.  We may not all be perfect but we work at it, practice it and offer ideas of simple things we all could do to get better.  

Every student is a teacher.  When your peers in class are eating healthy & bettering themselves it inspires others to do the same.  A form of positive peer pressure one may call it.

Get and Stay in Shape

Our martial art classes are a safe & fun way to exercise while learning self-defense.  The motivation, encouragement, and challenge of our group classes makes it easier to get and stay in shape. 

Cardio and Resistance Training

Martial Arts is a great form of exercise for both children and adults.  It includes Cardio yet is more fun than a treadmill.  It also accomplishes resistance training which tones but doesn’t “bulk up” one’s physique and is more interesting than boring repetitive weight training routines. When practicing the routines of the martial arts in a group environment and learning a new skill, it makes exercise fun! 


Flexibility is enhanced through the stretches performed in every class.  Martial arts class is a great way to relieve stress as it is like a min-vacation twice a week.  There also is a connection between mind and body in the martial arts.  Wellness is obtained through being fully present in the moment starting with paying attention to our breathing.  We practice being in control of our minds rather than our minds running wild and being in control of us.  Focus, concentration, discipline, confidence and self-respect is what makes getting in shape sustainable beyond a swim suit season.  The martial art life-style is one I personally enjoy.  I eat well and I enjoy it.  I exercise & I enjoy it.  When I get off track as anyone does, I get back to it because my conscious knows it is the right thing to do for myself.  There is a certain peace of mind I get when I know I am living in accord with my conscience.

A Personal Coach in Every Class

Each class has a martial arts teacher known as a “Sensei” (That’s me).  I coach everyone at their own pace and skill level to get the best results.  I am available to our students, their parents & family members at anytime free of charge for a consultation to develop healthy eating & exercise plans for a healthy life style, loosing weight and increasing energy.  One develops discipline while in the classroom.  Self-Discipline is then brought out of the classroom and into one’s everyday life; the home, as a family, work, traveling and the hardest form of self-descipline- what we eat when no one is watching.

Contact me at TheDOJO for a free consultation, evaluation or just to plainly talk shop about if martial arts can help you accomplish your health and wellness goals.

Sensei Dan Rominski